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Updated: Jun 11

Welcome To My Art Blog Flower

Thanks for showing interest in my art blog! (And newsletter for those who subscribed to my email list.)

This blog/newsletter will be archived on my website,

So if you're not a subscriber, you can always go there to check out my latest creations whenever you feel the calling.

As a subscriber you will get early access to my latest content & offerings a week before it gets posted to my site, sent directly to your email.

I'll never spam you or even send you consistent emails. I only plan to share through this platform when it feels right, so expect to hear from me only when I feel passionate about what I have to share.

Korbin with camera in woods

At the time of me writing this, my passion lies in creating fine art photography of flowers. I also enjoy photographing wildlife, people and landscapes. If it has to do with nature then I most likely want to capture its beauty through my lens. Being in and around nature is one of my biggest inspirations to create. From time to time I also enjoy writing, poetry, drawing, painting and design of many types.

I plan to use this blog as a way to:

  • Showcase my latest creations.

  • Share my perspective on art & life.

  • Document my experience when creating.

  • Keep you up to date about my new and upcoming projects/offerings.

  • And potentially more!

pink flower

I’m sure my idea of this blog and what I call it will change just as I do over time. For now that's the plan though. And I've got to say, I'm excited about it! 

It makes me happy to think that a photo that I've taken, words that I've written or anything that I've created could potentially spark curiosity or joy in someone else, even if just for a moment. 

I’m always striving to have a clear intention in everything I do. And that includes my art. I find that when I go into any activity with an intention, the experience and outcome is always better than If I were to go into it aimlessly. 

My intention when creating art is to share my perspective of the world through my photography. I do this in hopes of reminding people that true beauty can be found in nature and in themselves.

twisted tree

Beauty is subjective for sure. And in a world where there is just as much subjective ugliness, if not more. I enjoy attempting to bring balance to the world by being someone who sheds light on the simple treasures that nature gives us for free.


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